How to Reduce Child Support Payments

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There are a lot of people out there who have a hard time and want to reduce child support, because their standard of living and ability to keep current on their bills is suffering.

Why? Because the amount of their support payments has been calculated based on a wage far higher than they actually receive.

If you're making support payments which seem far higher than your income warrants, then you'll want to keep reading; there are some tips here which may enable you to reduce the amount of your support payments.

Before you begin trying child support reduction, keep in mind that you still have to keep making them at their current level while any decision is being made. Otherwise, you'll almost certainly meet with failure in your efforts to reduce your payments.

While you're working to reduce child support payments in court, you should continue paying support to your former spouse. Even if you can't afford to pay the entire amount, keep paying what you can towards your payments.

This demonstrates your willingness to make payments and your inability to make them in full. If you don't pay, this gives you the appearance of being unwilling to meet your obligations.

Worse yet, it makes you appear as though you don't care about the child. Always make your payments by check (or better yet, certified check) since cash isn't traceable.

You can make an appeal to the court to reduce support if your income has declined or you have an argument to make about extenuating circumstances that you feel the court did not take into consideration.

These may include custody of another child or financial hardships; if you have another child to support, the law is on your side in asking to reduce child support.

If you've become unemployed since the amount of your payments were calculated, you can reduce support.

While the process of reducing child support can take a few months to go through the courts, you should be able to reduce your child support payments significantly.

If your income changes by more than 20%, you should immediately file an appeal since it takes a while for any resolution and the longer you wait, the longer you'll have to pay the larger payment. Keep in mind that attorneys may try to assess interest payments on child support payments that you are in default with.

This practice is not legal in every state, so check into your local laws and if you're in doubt about whether you may be able to reduce child support payments, file an appeal!

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How to Reduce Child Support Payments

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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